Der gute Mensch von Sezuan (2017) 35’

Music for mixed choir

URFAUST (2016) 58'

Two positiv organs, percussion & live electronics


red, coffee & fog (2014) 20’

tape music for dance


The Navidson Records (2014) (..’)

a music theatre as installation

for piano, electronics, video & performer


PRISMA (2011) 12'

tape music


Lamento, short opera (2006) 15’

for orchestra and three singers (soprano, mezzo soprano bassbaritone)


Der Preussenhimmel, pocket opera after Kurt Tucholsky (2005) 21’

for three singers (tenore, baritone, bass) & ensemble (clarinet (also Sax), bassoon, jazzdrums, accordion,)


Hände an der Schreibmaschine, pocket opera after Kurt Tucholsky (2004) 14’

for baritone & ensemble (clarinet (Jazz- saxophone), bassoon, jazz- drums, accordion)